November 4-8

Friday November 8: Continue designing procedure. Begin thinking about a materials list. Pay special attention to what you will need to provide yourself, what we already have and what I might need to obtain for you.

Thursday November 7: Begin designing procedure.

Wednesday November 6: Research and compose a summary of “your question.”

Tuesday November 5: Research day. Each group should brainstorm what information they need to find to refine their hypothesis and begin writing their procedure. Choose at least 4 topics (3 if you are a group of 3) and each person should be responsible for finding information about them. A summary of what you have found will be due by the end of class tomorrow.

Monday November 4: Research day. Turn in 5 sources by the end of the class period in proper APA format. You should write two sentences for each source. One about what the source is about and one about for what you would use it. Be more specific than something similar to “in the introduction.” Only 5 sources are due per group.

October 28-November 1 New Experiments

Friday November 1: Review how to find reliable, academic websites. Continue to research. Five references in APA format that would be good for your lab write-up will be due at the end of class. Ms. Smyser will begin meeting with groups to discuss hypotheses.

Thursday October 31: Get with your assigned group and begin to discuss a hypothesis. Use the starburst chart to help you. A properly written hypothesis is due by the end of class.

Wednesday October 30: “Faculty Mixer” to discuss ideas and be ready to suggest groups with topics that the groups are built around by the end of class.

Tuesday October 29: You will need to turn in 3 ideas of what you would like to study by the end of class. You do not have to have experiment ideas ready yet, but if you do include them. Be ready to discuss your ideas tomorrow.

Monday October 28: Begin thinking of ideas of what you would like to study in your next experiment. Use the Idea Generation Diamond to help get you started.

October 21-25 Conclusions

Friday October 24: No school. I get to enjoy meeting your families!

Thursday October 23: Work on final draft of everything! Make sure that it is all organized, flows well together and that the sections are in the correct order. It is due Friday by 10pm (or tonight at 10pm if you do not want homework over the weekend). For those of you that would like to take a look at it, here is the rubric for all of the sections in one handy-dandy place!

Wednesday October 22: Compose bibliography which is due tonight by 10pm

Tuesday October 21: Work on data, analysis and conclusions. It is all due by the end of class today. If you are done, work on your bibliography. Please see the How to Write a Lab Write-Up and APA formatting to help you.

Monday October 21: Work on data, analysis and conclusions. It is all due by Tuesday at the end of class!

Oct. 14-18 Collecting Data

It’s my favorite!

Friday Oct. 18: Data, analysis, and conclusion due (?)

Thursday Oct. 17: Collect data/write data, analysis and conclusions

Wednesday Oct. 16: Collect data/write data, analysis and conclusions

Tuesday Oct. 15: Collect data/edit introductions/silent academic study hall

Monday Oct. 14: Collect data/edit procedures/silent academic study hall

September 30-October 4 Beginning the Carbon Dioxide Lab

Friday October 4: Research day for introduction to carbon dioxide labs.

Thursday October 3: Work on procedures with group members. Procedures that have been agreed on by the group should be submitted to the box folder: Procedure carbon dioxide by 8pm tonight.

Wednesday October 2: Begin combining procedures with other group members.

Tuesday October 1: Finish researching information on carbon dioxide production and consumption if you need to. Begin writing your procedures individually. This should be a quiet work day after a short presentation. You will need your computers. Complete your procedures tonight and have them ready to be reviewed by the instructor tomorrow at the beginning of class.

Monday September 30: No school. I hope that you enjoyed your Fall Break!

September 23-27 Laboratory Write Up

Friday September 27: No school. Have a great fall break!

Thursday September 26:

  • Go over the carbon dioxide laboratory write-up assignment.
  • Do what research can be done
  • Try to determine the variables that you want to study

Wednesday September 25:

  • Finish going over the laboratory write-up sections
  • Go over the sample bubble lab

Tuesday September 24:

  • Go over writing laboratory write up

Monday September 23:

  • Go over unit tests
  • Begin going over laboratory write ups

September 16-20 Pure Science vs. Applied Science

Friday September 20:

  • Introductory Unit Test. Be ready to start immediately. It is long!

Thursday September 19:

  • Answer questions on the review and continue to work on it.

Wednesday September 18:

  • Begin working on the review for the introductory unit test

Tuesday September 17:

  • Finish Pure Science vs. Applied Science Debates

Monday September 16:

  • Turn in “Outside the Box” graphs. Please remember, you need to turn in a data set with your name on it (one per team), a graph (each person) and an explanation of why you chose that graph, what the trends are and how the graph efficiently demonstrates them.
  • Debates on Pure Science vs. Applied Science