April 6-10 This Week Still Rocks!

Friday April 10: Submit your presentations into the appropriate box folder by 11am. View each others’ presentations, learn and enjoy!

Wednesday April 8 and Thursday April 9:

  • If you have scheduled class with me, we will be going over igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.
  • If you do not have class with me, work on your rock presentation and finish taking notes on the sections.

Monday April 6 and Tuesday April 7:

  • If you have a scheduled class, we will be going over igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks.
  • If you do not have a class with me, work on your rock presentation and finish reading the sections and taking notes.

March 30-April 3 This Week Rocks!

  • Friday April 3: Please read the sections on sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. Take notes and apply the information to your assigned rock. We will go over the chapters next week!

Wednesday April 1 and Thursday April 2:

  • If you are scheduled to have a meeting time with me, we will go over minerals and hopefully begin igneous rocks
  • If you are not scheduled to have a class time with me, please read the section on igneous rocks and create your salt gardens.

Monday March 30 and Tuesday March 31:

  • 3rd hour: Please be sure that you are logging on at 11am. You should recently have received a zoom chat invitation. See you soon!
  • If you are scheduled to have a zoom meeting with me, we will go over the minerals powerpoint and the rock presentation which will be due on Friday April 10. You will get your mineral/rock assignment today.
  • If you are not scheduled to have a meeting with me, start your salt garden. I will have started one and will be showing the progression of it with pictures. (PS: This is a fun one to do with younger brothers and sisters). If you do not have some of the supplies, this will just be a casualty of at-home schooling. Hopefully, you will enjoy the one that I made. Also, read the section on igneous rocks and take notes. Apply this to your rock type as you go.
  • So, to clarify, your “assignment” if we do not have class time scheduled is a salt garden and take notes on the igneous rocks chapter. If you do have scheduled time, we will go through the mineral powerpoint, you should take notes and we will review the rock presentation which is not due until next week.


March 23-27 The First Week of On-line Learning

Thursday March 26 and Friday March 27: Please read and possibly take notes on the powerpoint on rocks. I will be reviewing it via Zoom next week and then we will do some projects with it. I am not assigning questions or quizzes over the material, but I encourage you to pay attention to it!

Tuesday March 24 and Wednesday March 25: Scheduled debate about the laws governing hydraulic fracturing. Please be ready to discuss the ideas listed on Monday’s post.

3rd hour Zoom meeting information: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/170650221?pwd=aWJlNXd6KzZrbEoyRXBXTW5UU1hvQT09

Meeting ID: 170 650 221
Password: 003015

6th hour Zoom information: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/231199551?pwd=WkhnOVlzWDVUMkJITkFSUUxMTDF0dz09

Meeting ID: 231 199 551
Password: 023904

8th hour Zoom information: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/704480671?pwd=VHZ6MXgraXhuRlkwSVBBS2t2eXZNZz09

Meeting ID: 704 480 671
Password: 018347

Monday March 23: Read some or all of the articles on the legalities of hydraulic fracturing and be prepared for a discussion via zoom during your “scheduled class time” on Tuesday or Wednesday depending on your section hour. Please consider the control via laws of the following issues: effects on local communities, water pollution, use of public lands or other forms of destruction to the environment. If, in your research, you have found other good sources regarding laws governing hydraulic fracturing, I would love to add them!

  1. Ban Fracking Act proposed by Bernie Sanders (thank you to Annika Polk for providing this source!): https://www.congress.gov/bill/116th-congress/senate-bill/3247/text
  2. Fracking: Regulatory Failures and Delays by GreenPeace (an obviously biased site): https://www.greenpeace.org/usa/global-warming/issues/fracking/regulatory-failures-and-delays/
  3. Unconventional Oil and Natural Gas Development by the EPA: https://www.epa.gov/uog

March 9-13 Hydraulic Fracturing

Friday March 13: Outline for your fracking paper due by the end of class. If you are done with it, please begin writing your paper. You have no homework over break and your paper will not be due until after break. Happy Spring!

Thursday March 12: Begin constructing the outline and bibliography for your paper. Continue research if you need to.

Wednesday March 11: Discussion day with classmates to share information and resources. You have to write your own paper so if you would prefer to continue to work independently, you are welcome to work silently also.

Tuesday March 10: Silent research day to find information and resources on hydraulic fracturing

Monday March 9: Receive hydraulic fracturing paper assignment. Presentation on what hydraulic fracturing is.


March 2-6 The end of plate tectonics!

Friday March 6: Unit test on Plate Tectonics

Thursday March 5: Ms. Smyser will answer questions about the test in class. Study session in room 302 today after school!

Wednesday March 4: Study for the unit test. Please find the review sheet and all of the powerpoints listed below.

Tuesday March 3: Finish the topographic map lab. Begin studying if there is time.

Monday March 2: Begin the topographic map lab


February 24-28 Volcanic Landforms

Friday February 28: 2-7 Quiz Volcanic Landforms

Thursday February 27: Finish going over the powerpoint and study for the quiz

Wednesday February 26: Go over powerpoints together; Turn in one question that you think should be on the quiz

Tuesday February 25: Finish working on the powerpoints for 2-7 Volcanic Landforms

Monday February 24: Read section 2-7 Volcanic Landforms (p. 200-205) and make your own powerpoint. Try to think of this as a method of taking notes. You should only include things that you think may be important enough to be on a quiz. You will want to find pictures and maybe even videos that help you understand what you are writing about. Pretend like you are writing it for a classmate to study from (like the ones that I have made). There will be no questions for this section.


February 10-14 The Changing Geography of Your Community

Friday February 14: Quiz on 2-6 The Changing Geography of Your Community.

Thursday February 13: Finish reviewing the section and answer remaining questions. Study for the quiz tomorrow.

Wednesday February 12: Go over the 2-5 quiz and the lab from 2-6. Review the 2-6 powerpoint and questions The Changing Geography of Your Community with the instructor. Questions are due by the beginning 8 am this morning for completion.

Tuesday February 11: Catch-up Day. Ms. Smyser will be absent. Use this day to finish your lab, finish your questions and if all of your science is done, work on other assignments that have been neglected because of the recent demands of science.

Monday February 10: Read the 2-6 powerpoint and section. Answer the 2-6 questions. This will be a silent work day.