December 9-13 Creative Project

Please see the green board in class for a chart of what is due and when for each project. Also, pay attention in class on Monday when everything will be reviewed. It is strongly suggested that you take notes!

Friday December 13: Section #2 is due for ExploraVision. A script is due for the Discovery project. A sketch is due for the 3-D project.

Thursday December 12: Section #1 is due for ExploraVision. The rubric is included here. It is, however, generic to fit all the sections. Be sure to be looking at exploravision.org for specific requirements for each section.

Wednesday December 11: For Discovery and 3-D projects, a summary of research is due. Include information about what the problem is, how the innovation will work and how the innovation will affect the problem. Ms. Smyser will also be going over how to do the “webpages” for ExploraVision.

Tuesday December 10: Work on “assignment #1”

Monday December 9: Discuss the schedule for all projects through finals; work on “assignment #1”


December 2-6 Creative Project

Discovery Education

Useful websites include: exploravision.org and https://www.youngscientistlab.com/challenge/create/entry-topics

Friday December 6: Research assigned pieces of information. Turn in 5 references (in APA format) that could be used in the project. Provide one sentence about what it is about and one sentence about how it could be used.

Thursday December 5: Research assigned pieces of information. Ms. Smyser will not be here today

Wednesday December 4: Begin researching topic. Determine what information needs to be obtained for topic. Assign topics to group members (if appropriate). Turn in a list of things to research. Ms. Smyser will be meeting with each group to discuss the project.

Tuesday December 3: Discuss topics with classmates. Determine which project you would like to pursue and find group members if appropriate. Submit on paper and in writing your chosen project, topic and group (if appropriate).

Monday December 2: Silent independent work day. Be ready to turn in 3 topics for which you could see designing an innovation to improve the situation. Due in box by 10 pm tonight.