April 20-24 Weather

Friday April 24: Don’t forget to take your weather measurements!

Wednesday and Thursday April 22-23:

  • Don’t forget to start your weather measurements
  • There is no Zoom meeting today!
  • Please do the Thunderstorm lab at the beginning of this chapter. Please do as much of it as you are able with the supplies that you have at home. There is a Box folder for what you are able to accomplish.
  • Read the chapter and take notes (they don’t have to be detailed). Upload your notes to the provided Box folder.

Monday and Tuesday April 20-21:

  • During your scheduled science class, we will have a brief Zoom meeting so that I can go over instructions for the week. I will send that link via email right before class with the waiting room enacted.
  • Build an anemometer, wind vane or barometer. Please build as many as you are able and collect data from them. Use the following website to help you build these items. http://teacher.scholastic.com/activities/wwatch/gather_data/thermometer.htm. You should also use a rain gauge and outdoor thermometer to collect data. Also found on this website is a document that will help you record your data. Please take a measurement everyday until next week when we will get into breakout groups to graph the data. Upload your data in the provided Box folder by 9am on Wednesday April 29.
  • Read the chapter Weather Basics from the EarthComm text book. Take notes on it (they don’t have to be detailed) and upload it to the Box folder provided.

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