April 13-17 Keep It Rockin’!

Wednesday April 15-Friday April 17: Read and take notes on sections 3.6 Structural Geology, 3.7 Reading of Geologic History. I have also posted 3.8 Geology of the United States for your enjoyment. I will be available in a zoom chat during your scheduled class times if you wish to “enter the meeting” and discuss the material. This is not a requirement.

Tuesday April 14: Attempt to do one of the labs found at the beginning of section 3.2 Igneous rocks, 3.3 Sedimentary rocks or 3.4 Metamorphic Rocks. The one for sedimentary rocks looks fun, messy and doable with supplies likely already in your house.

Monday April 13: There is no Zoom meeting today and no required Zoom meeting this whole week! Get outside, be active and have fun! Take a walk with your brother or sister (or whoever is available to you during this time of quarantine) and take 5 pictures of different rocks that you see, or make a fun video or some other form of media. Although this assignment is more a suggestion and for fun, I think that it would be really fun to look at what each other has come up with. I will provide a Box folder for you to upload your media. Try to:

  • Identify the mineral type
  • Is it extrusive or intrusive
  • What is the crystal size
  • What is it being used for
  • Where did it likely originate? Is it indigenous? (Probably not)

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