September 30-October 4 Beginning the Carbon Dioxide Lab

Friday October 4: Research day for introduction to carbon dioxide labs.

Thursday October 3: Work on procedures with group members. Procedures that have been agreed on by the group should be submitted to the box folder: Procedure carbon dioxide by 8pm tonight.

Wednesday October 2: Begin combining procedures with other group members.

Tuesday October 1: Finish researching information on carbon dioxide production and consumption if you need to. Begin writing your procedures individually. This should be a quiet work day after a short presentation. You will need your computers. Complete your procedures tonight and have them ready to be reviewed by the instructor tomorrow at the beginning of class.

Monday September 30: No school. I hope that you enjoyed your Fall Break!


September 23-27 Laboratory Write Up

Friday September 27: No school. Have a great fall break!

Thursday September 26:

  • Go over the carbon dioxide laboratory write-up assignment.
  • Do what research can be done
  • Try to determine the variables that you want to study

Wednesday September 25:

  • Finish going over the laboratory write-up sections
  • Go over the sample bubble lab

Tuesday September 24:

  • Go over writing laboratory write up

Monday September 23:

  • Go over unit tests
  • Begin going over laboratory write ups


September 16-20 Pure Science vs. Applied Science

Friday September 20:

  • Introductory Unit Test. Be ready to start immediately. It is long!

Thursday September 19:

  • Answer questions on the review and continue to work on it.

Wednesday September 18:

  • Begin working on the review for the introductory unit test

Tuesday September 17:

  • Finish Pure Science vs. Applied Science Debates

Monday September 16:

  • Turn in “Outside the Box” graphs. Please remember, you need to turn in a data set with your name on it (one per team), a graph (each person) and an explanation of why you chose that graph, what the trends are and how the graph efficiently demonstrates them.
  • Debates on Pure Science vs. Applied Science

September 9-13 Graphing

Friday September 13:

*Short graphing quiz

Work on debate. Be ready to go for Monday!

*Work on “outside the box” graph if you are ready for your debate. It is due on Monday.

Thursday September 12:

*Review pure science vs. applied science and debate their merits.

*Review the debate assignment

*Complete the debate role preference form

*Work on outside the box graph which will be due Monday

Wednesday September 11:

*Going beyond line and bar graphs and pie charts which will be due on Monday. Please use this website to help you: https://blog.adioma.com/how-to-think-visually-using-visual-analogies-infographic/

*Collect locker data

Tuesday September 10:

*Motion graphs

Monday September 9:

*Short quiz on the scientific method

*Review graphing powerpoint

*Begin working on graphing homework


September 2-6 Scientific Method

Friday September 6: Presentation of devised experiments using the scientific method

Thursday September 5:

*Answer any questions on the scientific method.

*In pairs, design experiments based on the stimulation questions provided in class.

Wednesday September 4: Go over scientific method powerpoint. Bring materials to take notes.

Tuesday September 3: Quiz on numeric prefixes, unit abbreviations, metric system conversions and between system conversions.

Monday September 2: Labor Day. No School.