November 11-14

Friday November 15: Ms. Smyser will not be here today. Turn in final drafts of procedure by the end of class. I will grade them over the weekend and next week we can begin experiments.

Thursday November 14: Be writing introduction. Final draft of procedure due by end of class.

Wednesday November 13: Begin writing/continue to research introduction. Turn in what part of the introduction for which you are responsible.

Tuesday November 12: Rough draft of procedure due by 10pm this evening.

Monday November 11: Continue working on procedure. Have a list of materials ready to turn in by the end of class taking particular note of items that you are not able to provide.


October 21-25 Conclusions

Friday October 24: No school. I get to enjoy meeting your families!

Thursday October 23: Work on final draft of everything! Make sure that it is all organized, flows well together and that the sections are in the correct order. It is due Friday by 10pm (or tonight at 10pm if you do not want homework over the weekend). For those of you that would like to take a look at it, here is the rubric for all of the sections in one handy-dandy place!

Wednesday October 22: Compose bibliography which is due tonight by 10pm

Tuesday October 21: Work on data, analysis and conclusions. It is all due by the end of class today. If you are done, work on your bibliography. Please see the How to Write a Lab Write-Up and APA formatting to help you.

Monday October 21: Work on data, analysis and conclusions. It is all due by Tuesday at the end of class!


September 23-27 Laboratory Write Up

Friday September 27: No school. Have a great fall break!

Thursday September 26:

  • Go over the carbon dioxide laboratory write-up assignment.
  • Do what research can be done
  • Try to determine the variables that you want to study

Wednesday September 25:

  • Finish going over the laboratory write-up sections
  • Go over the sample bubble lab

Tuesday September 24:

  • Go over writing laboratory write up

Monday September 23:

  • Go over unit tests
  • Begin going over laboratory write ups