September 9-13 Graphing

Friday September 13:

*Short graphing quiz

Work on debate. Be ready to go for Monday!

*Work on “outside the box” graph if you are ready for your debate. It is due on Monday.

Thursday September 12:

*Review pure science vs. applied science and debate their merits.

*Review the debate assignment

*Complete the debate role preference form

*Work on outside the box graph which will be due Monday

Wednesday September 11:

*Going beyond line and bar graphs and pie charts which will be due on Monday. Please use this website to help you: https://blog.adioma.com/how-to-think-visually-using-visual-analogies-infographic/

*Collect locker data

Tuesday September 10:

*Motion graphs

Monday September 9:

*Short quiz on the scientific method

*Review graphing powerpoint

*Begin working on graphing homework