November 18-22 The final Count Down

Friday November 22: Abstract due by the end of school.

Thursday November 21: Conclusions and bibliography is due at the end of school.

Wednesday November 20: Go over how to write an abstract. Catch-up day. Work hard. Our deadlines are tight!

Tuesday November 19: Data and results due by the end of class. A folder has been provided for you. If you are not able to meet this deadline, be sure to speak with me ahead of time!

Monday November 18: Introductions due by the end of school. A folder has been created in the independent experiment folder.


November 4-8

Friday November 8: Continue designing procedure. Begin thinking about a materials list. Pay special attention to what you will need to provide yourself, what we already have and what I might need to obtain for you.

Thursday November 7: Begin designing procedure.

Wednesday November 6: Research and compose a summary of “your question.”

Tuesday November 5: Research day. Each group should brainstorm what information they need to find to refine their hypothesis and begin writing their procedure. Choose at least 4 topics (3 if you are a group of 3) and each person should be responsible for finding information about them. A summary of what you have found will be due by the end of class tomorrow.

Monday November 4: Research day. Turn in 5 sources by the end of the class period in proper APA format. You should write two sentences for each source. One about what the source is about and one about for what you would use it. Be more specific than something similar to “in the introduction.” Only 5 sources are due per group.