August 26-30 Science Math

Friday August 30: No science class. Subbie Retreat Day!

Thursday August 29:

*Finish metric system and between system problems.

*Answer remaining questions

*Work on review problems (if time). These will not be for homework. They will be practice for the quiz on Tuesday. You will not have an additional assignment after the quiz because Ms. Smyser will not be there on Tuesday. Please bring something to work on in case you finish early. Even though it is after an extended break, please be ready! I won’t be there to answer questions.

Wednesday August 28: Open House. I get to meet your guardians!

*Review stepwise instructions

*Do a few practice problems between systems of units

*Work on between systems practice problems

Tuesday August 27:

*Answer questions on scientific notation

*Brief scientific notation quiz

*Go over numeric prefixes

*Review base units and metric prefix units

*Practice metric unit conversion problems

*Read the stepwise conversion instructions for tomorrow

Monday August 26:

*Review questions on significant digits

*Significant digits quiz

*Review scientific notation

*Scientific notation homework

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